After publishing the entry about our favourite places with Indian cuisine in Warsaw a few days ago, we received dozens of messages with your favourite Indian places. We shared many experiences (especially in regard to the masters at Curry House!) but you also sent as a bunch of your own suggestions. One the most popular


The need to eat something Indian comes much less often than the need for Thai noodles, Vietnamese sandwiches or Chinese dumplings. Not so often as the need to have sushi, however lately more often than the desire to go for a pizza. We started eating Indian food a few years ago, in Warsaw, not knowing


Curry House is yet another place that has been on our to-do list for quite a while. It all started with Łukasz’ friend who told us about ‘chicken vindaloo’ in one of the barracks in Bielany. Even though this friend is an avid spicy food fan, both him and his father cried eating it. After


Saturday, Sunday, holiday… Family dinner, a meeting with friends, kids, walk. We’ve recently came to the conclusion that we still don’t know many spots for a family dinner, as we’re not always in the mood for sushi in Izumi Biały Kamień (and that’s where we usually go by ourselves, with grandparents, with friends who have

Child friendly

You all know that we love everything that’s different, exotic and oriental. Thai, Mexican, Chinese, Turkish and Indian cuisine. All depending on time, weather and mood. Last Saturday, due to awful weather and a need to recharge before Orange Warsaw Festival we decided to go for a colourful, tasty and nutritious Indian cuisine and completely