We didn’t spend much time in Nice, but knew since we arrived in there that we need to try some local treats. What’s so characteristic about Nice’s cuisine is that it’s kind of a mix of what’s French and what’s Italian – Nice became a part of France in 1860, after its residents voted for


Crispy baguettes, a breeze of spring air and spacious alleys of Paris are the first things I see when I hear ‘France’. If I were to draw it, my picture would feature the Eiffel Tower, French cheese, long baguettes, city bikes and a blue beret. When I think of it more, I see charming towns


We got to Brasserie Warszawska quite accidentally. We had no plans for lunch, no plans at all to be honest. Usually in such situation we go to places we know that are much more ordinary and casual than Brasserie Warszawska. But this time this grim weather made us want to go and try something new


Paris. One of the cities everybody ends up in at some point. Everybody has its own expectations regarding Paris and their own memories. Different, since it’s a city of thousand faces. For me, Paris is the city where I first got about 7 years ago on my way to a surfing trip in Basque Country


Normandy is absolutely stunning and along with Brittany it’s our favourite region in France. At least for now! We love the cities with distinct architecture, charming harbours, beaches in northern France which I love almost like the ones in northern Spain. So far we have shown you green and flowery Giverny and the Zoo in


We enter Bistro La Cocotte on the afternoon of Friday 2nd January. Quite accidentally… we didn’t eat anything for the whole day and we’re looking for a place where we can have something tasty and visit a new restaurant at the same time. At least new for us since Bistro La Cocotte has been around


Before you start reading, have in mind that France isn’t one of my favourite European countries. I prefer lively and loud Spain or Italy where people love their lives. But our trip to the North of France in the summer of 2011, made us fall in love with their cuisine and little towns in Britanny


After a number of visits to children-oriented places such as Pompon in Wola, which I wrote about recently and Kredkafe near Plac Zbawiciela (I will write about it soon!:)), the time has come to take it more seriously… When I was pregnant, I quite often asked Łukasz to take me to Bistro de Paris, situated


The weekend has finally landed! And it’s sunny! So what now? I’m already feeling enthusiastic and I’m in the mood for planning something nice and easy that would allow me to forget (at least for two days) about my duties, tasks, deadlines and other unpleasant things. A trip somewhere? A walk in the city? Or

Children friendly

Paris… it’s the third time I’m here and again only for just for a moment. Therefore I won’t be clever-clever (as in the case of Spain ;)), nor advise you on various things (as in Mexico), because I am not a Paris specialist in the slightest 🙂 This time I will share a few opinions