Finally!!! We made it! 🙂 You just opened our sweetest culinary guide ever! Here you won’t find pizza, pasta, places for lunch or dinner, you won’t find shops with awesome Italian cured meat and aromatic cheeses – you will read about it next time. Now we’re taking you for ice cream. Loooots of ice cream


I love lazy breakfasts in restaurants – I told you about it a million times. When Maks wasn’t born yet, we loved spending our weekend mornings in R20 in Powiśle. It doesn’t exist anymore, but we ate breakfasts, read newspapers and even grabbed lunches there. This is where we went for our first breakfast with


You already know that we love everything Asian… There’s not a week that goes by without Vietnamese soups or sandwiches, without Thai noodles or Chinese dishes. We could eat them forever and we would never get bored… Almost 🙂 Łukasz definitely loves what’s Vietnamese more, I am a worshipper of everything Thai. Yes, yes, when


I’ll be honest with you: there were a few times when we almost got to Senses. It was always around some important occasion, it was always us trying to book a table there and it was always us who were informed that there were not a single table available. We wanted to go there before


Street food is a magnetising part of culinary culture of every place. It’s banal, simple, often prepared in very meager greasy spoons, often deterring because of the lack of hygiene, and yet tempting because of the taste and the aroma. In some countries you may feel like street food rules them and the streets are


It’s very easy to fall into a culinary trap in Zakopane… There are a lot of places where quantity and shafting clients are more important than quality. A lot of places where the staff almost throw your plates on your table to be faster, to get another client, where no deviation from the menu is


Spain. One of my favorite places in the world. I always go there with happiness, I always absorb every moment, every taste, smell, every sound, every movie, every song. I love it for at least 35 different reasons that I wrote about HERE, although I think I could find many more. I spent a few


Mokotów. I think it’s one of the closest neighborhoods to me. I memorized every inch of it in my childhood, because Mokotów is where my grandmother has lived. We would visit her often in summer, especially when my cousin came from the United States. We had our trips to the stores on Puławska Street and


If we get a craving, it’s usually for Asian food… We feel like eating pad thai like in Bangkok, delicate dumplings dipped in hot sauce, too spicy Chinese or aromatic Indian food. In the mornings, Łukasz feels like eating Phở that he eats like they do it in Vietnam – for breakfast. I feel like eating


If you love food and whenever you’re traveling you love that moment when you try, taste and get to know new flavours, then IT GOES WITHOUT SAYING that Basque Country has to be on your list! This is where you eat all the time, where eating together is a crucial element of everyday life, and

Basque country