If I were to link our last week to one country, it would surely be France. On Monday, we attended a presentation focusing on a magical Hérault region (Languedoc-Rousillon) and local winemakers while on Thursday, Tomasz Prange, the editor-in-chief of ‘ Wino Magazine‘ and one of the biggest wine experts in Poland, invited us to


Beer, Czech specialties, a visit to the brewery, beer, a walk through Plzen, more beer… that’s how your weekend looks like if you decide to go to beer festival in Czech Plzen in mid October! Better leave your child at home because even though Czechs often come with children, it’s mainly an adult attraction! We


We already told you quite a lot about Rhineland. We showed you charming Rüdesheim, romantic castles, picturesque towns and Moselle Valley that’s perfect for a bike trip. We also told you about kuchni: bratwursts, currywursts and an enormous number of wiener schnitzels we have eaten in 6 days!Today it’s time for wine! 🙂 Rüdesheim and


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Phew, thank God it’s Friday!!! Did you also take a breath of relief this morning? I swear I could hear you breathe! 🙂 I should have been breathing with ease since Thursday evening, since we took off to Dublin from the Modlin airport, but unfortunately a big journey requires so much preparations that I have


Do you like wine? 🙂 That’s a silly question!! I know, I know… almost everyone likes wine… moreover, it has been lately becoming more and more popular in Poland – we have it more often, we know more about it, vineries are packed… We buy wine shelves and special fridges; we bring back wine from


Long weekends… we all like them, right? In May, in June… soon we’ll probably include August as well! 🙂 I don’t have to say the obvious thing: that during long weekends it’s best to go on a trip. We all know it, right? 🙂 We always take advantage of long weekends and most of the


Here we are in Hungary! An ideal destination for a long weekend car trip. Prices are affordable, the distance possible to do in one or two days (depending on the driver’s and car’s stamina). We already knew Hungary, mainly from our wine trips to  Eger and Tokaj. Last time, while I was pregnant and Maks was to be


So… Hungary this time! We often travel to Hungary for a weekend. Usually we go to Eger and we go by car (it’s best to sleep in Zakopane or Brno, depending on your liking of curvy mountain roads). We once tried a short plane trip to Budapest – LOT airlines offered a great connection –