Street food is a magnetising part of culinary culture of every place. It’s banal, simple, often prepared in very meager greasy spoons, often deterring because of the lack of hygiene, and yet tempting because of the taste and the aroma. In some countries you may feel like street food rules them and the streets are


Do you know that amazing, absorbing feeling that you get while planning a journey? That moment when you click “buy tickets”, when you’re looking for some information on the Internet and when you’re walking around a bookstore to find a perfect guide. That moment when you’re counting down the days to your departure, planning the


Blue sky, the sun, warm touch of sand in the morning when you go out barefoot to welcome a new day. Nice room or maybe your own house? Lots of places perfectly planned for relax. Breakfast buffet where you’ll get nystagmus because of too many possibilities. Great food for dinner. Beautiful places where you can