We first went to Tatarska Jurta in February 2013. The Supraśl area was covered in snow back then and we and our friend got stuck in a pile of snow with almost no GSM network and no ideas on how to get our car out of it. On Fridays night, our Tatar hosts helped us


We got to Brasserie Warszawska quite accidentally. We had no plans for lunch, no plans at all to be honest. Usually in such situation we go to places we know that are much more ordinary and casual than Brasserie Warszawska. But this time this grim weather made us want to go and try something new


It’s not in the air yet but we all feel that summer is getting closer. Time to make decisions. Where to go? With who? Should I go to Crete like I did last year and two years ago? Maybe I’ll go my favourite Polish seaside town and eat friend flounder, cod and waffles for the


Almost exactly two years ago, in March we visited one of the most amazing places we have ever seen – Norwegian Lofoten – an archipelago of islands located on the north-western coast of Norway. Lofoten amaze with landscapes, mountainous terrain with mountains sticking out of the sea here and there – in March still covered


We fell in love with Thai cuisine even before we went to Thailand. It was 2010 and then 2011 when we had our first pad thai, satay chicken with creamy peanut sauce, Łukasz had red curry with beef and I loved Pad See Ew fried noodles with pork in Suparom Thaifood – a little barack


It’s TODAY!!! 🙂 International Pizza Day! You have to eat pizza today or at least plan a visit to a pizzeria soon! We decided to commemorate this day with a special entry. An entry in which we will show you 9 places where you should eat pizza in Warsaw in our opinion. As usual, the


If you follow us on Facebook too you probably already know the beginning of this story. If not, then I will explain in Łukasz’ words, because it was him who put our impressions on the FB profile: ‘Imagine a day when you’re looking for restaurants to make a TOP 10 pizzas in Warsaw list and