If someone told that I would eat in veggie places voluntarily a few years ago, I would only knock on my head and look at him with disbelief! What can I say, I never liked vegetables too much. I was one of those non-eater children which were really tough to persuade and out of all


Some of you probably know this place good enough from our Facebook. In the beginning of January we flooded you with pictures with lots of white sand, turquoise water and palms growing on the beach. We got to the Philippines quite accidentally, but it proved to be a great decision!   December was almost half


It really isn’t an easy job to surprise us when it comes to sushi. We must have eaten like hundreds of rolls in the weirdest versions possible. We also had the pleasure of meeting the most creative sushi masters, artists, miracle makers who amazed us with flavours and looks of their works of art –

Children friendly

We arrived in Hong Kong with not much of a plan… Tired of a lot of work in the last months, we didn’t plan any must-sees. There was no list of places we would like to visit, no meals we have to eat. We wanted to take some time off from running around with the


During our stay in the Philippines we enjoy the sun, relaxation and doing nothing. It’s our first trip since a while where we’re not running with a camera around with a list of sights, places, streets, squares and restaurants we need to visit. Sometimes we like lazing too… 🙂 We deserve it too! 🙂 Carelessness,

Max’s eyes

I’ll be honest with you: for 3.5 days we have not left our hotel and the heavenly beach on tiny Filipino Panglao! After a little tiring trip from Hong Kong (taxi-plane-taxi-ferry-Filipino ‘tuk-tuk’) we arrived here shortly before New Year’s Eve. We spent it barefoot on a beach with fireworks over the palms – a beautiful

Max’s eyes

We’ve left Hong Kong behind. On New Year’s Eve, early morning, after the last portion of dim sums eaten for breakfast we left this large and lively city in order to relax on a Filipino beach with white sand, warm water and a whole bunch of holiday palms. A city that amazes, impresses and leaves