Great Britain. A holiday destination? For a weekend? Not your first choice, right? There’s plenty of more tempting options: Italy with its hot South and marvellous Tuscany, wine, pasta and pizza or Andalusia bursting with flamenco.. or Provence fragrant with lavender. I don’t know many people who go for holidays to Great Britain. There’s always

Great Britain

We arrived in Wales last Friday. Since then we’ve been travelling, sightseeing and enjoying the views. We complained about cloudy sky a little bit but also managed to grab some sunshine. We’re moving all the time. After 4 days we’re already in our third checkpoint: we started with Saundersfoot then went to Llandrindod Wells and

Great Britain

Usually, when we meet somebody for the first time, somebody who is not our frequent reader, a question pops up: ‘Listen, do you take your kid for the further trips as well?’ Often, even before we manage to answer there’s a follow-up: ‘Because I’m a bit afraid! Thailand is no Greece or Italy. Different culture,

Max’s eyes

Back in February when we returned to Warsaw from our great Asian trip, I met with my friend who lives in London. Like us, she likes travelling and eating and loves all sorts of tasty places. Therefore every time we meet we partly talk about restaurants we have to visit which have amazed or even


That’s exactly the kind of place that’s worth travelling to a different district of the city. Worth travelling a few or a dozen kilometres because it’s easy to find Italian food which is on every corner, Thai and Vietnamese is quite popular too but there’s simply no places like that! Our trip to Skamiejka on


Have you ever got a spontaneous idea/proposition to take a weekend or few days trip to the country under the condition that you pack up in about 30 minutes? Packing yourself or your family of 3-4? What then? You gave it a try or you gave up because you assumed that there’s no way you


Gdańsk. It amazes me the same way every time I come here. I don’t remember the first time I’ve been here but it must’ve been when I was 8 or 10 years old during holidays in Władysławowo or Jastrzębia Góra. Then another trip during holidays by the seaside, I guess it was during Dominikański Fair


We love this feeling when we find an amazing place almost completely surprisingly, out of the blue. When you were not supposed to go there because there were other plans and you almost missed the place where they serve food made in heaven. That’s the case with Biały Królik in Gdynia. A place that’s absolutely


I guess everybody who comes to Sopot and expects to find something more than a fried fish in a random bar, a waffle by the pier and do some trendy partying on Monciak boulevard must have heard about Bulaj. We also heard about it but I’ve never been there – there have always been so


Saturday! Kind of salvation after a week full of work, meetings, stuffed inbox and deadlines. You dreamed about it for whole past week, you waited for it. Maybe you’ll slow down today, stop running crazily between work, home, kindergarten, a meeting with your boss or your client. You will walk in your pyjamas until noon,