Egoism 100% a maternity mistake   It’s a bit egoistic that you’re going to Asia, don’t you think? The child won’t remember anything and it may get ill!….   You only care about yourselves! You got a child now and you should stop thinking about parties and trips for two! I stayed all the time

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It’s going to be one of those unplanned posts. An accidental visit, no camera, pictures taken with an iphone. We rarely do such posts since usually when we go ‘for a review’ we come fully equipped – camera, lens, often a lamp as well. This time we had no plans to write a review since


There’s a story about Positano Łukasz loves to tell. It’s 6 years old, only a little bit younger than our relationship. When we met in April we quickly learned we both like sightseeing, exploring, seeing new places and trying new flavours. He told me about a trip he and his best buddy took through Croatia


Life has been kind to us this year: we keep ending up in beautiful and magical places and as usual, we can’t keep the impressions to ourselves 🙂 It’s happened once again, even though I absolutely haven’t seen it coming!   I was very happy when I heard that we’re going to attend a journalist-blogger


After publishing the entry about our favourite places with Indian cuisine in Warsaw a few days ago, we received dozens of messages with your favourite Indian places. We shared many experiences (especially in regard to the masters at Curry House!) but you also sent as a bunch of your own suggestions. One the most popular


The need to eat something Indian comes much less often than the need for Thai noodles, Vietnamese sandwiches or Chinese dumplings. Not so often as the need to have sushi, however lately more often than the desire to go for a pizza. We started eating Indian food a few years ago, in Warsaw, not knowing


We already fell in love with Normandy several years ago… Back then in August 2011 we left for our first trip with Maks. He was 2.5 months old and everybody was crazy about it!”How come??? Taking a kid for a car trip around Europe???”, “He’s too small!”, “You must be crazy!”. And so, on one


There are mornings on which time passes seemingly slower, the breakfast is lazy and long and suddenly it transforms into lunch. On such occasions, if the weather permits, we go out looking for new flavours we would like to try. Sometimes we repeat ourselves and say ‘Remember the time we went to…?’, sometimes we find