Every day we get questions from you. Via e-mail, on Facebook wall or via Facebook messaging. You ask about various things… about your first trip with a child, about hotels on Crete, magical places in Poland where you could have your wedding, about Spanish tapas in Warsaw and Italian cuisine in Wrocław. We cannot always

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Burgers are everywhere. Baguettes are everywhere. Even Vietnamese banh mi sandwiches can be easily found. But I haven’t seen sandwiches like this Warsaw yet! Pogromcy Meatów opened yesterday. In a place where Aneks Kulinarny specialising in mussels and shrimps used to be. Aneks closed early summer and now this small place on ul. Koszykowa 1


Lisbon is a paradise for everybody who loves fish and seafood. Sardines can be found on every corner, same goes for Portuguese bacalhau cod, shrimps, lobsters – plenty to choose from! On the other hand, Lisbon, as any other city which is attractive for tourists is full of culinary traps which often attract visitors who


Saturday. Afternoon gets hotter than ever. The car thermometer says it’s 38.5 degrees. Sweat is running down my back and a water bottle is my best friend. We try to eat something at one of the events by the Vistula river but somehow we don’t succeed… It’s hot. And we’re not that hungry. Just for


There’s no other place in Poland or anywhere else in the world where I have tested so many accommodation possibilities than in Zakopane! I can no longer count all the places I stayed in when I was 4, 10, 12, 15, 20, 24, 28 or 30. Some of them I will remember forever, while I


We heard about tiny Ciao a Tutti on the corner of ul. Wawelska and Niepodległości a while ago. Reportedly it’s a small place with pizza which can easily compete in the run for best pizza in Warsaw. And so I passed Ciao a Tutti on numerous occasions walking from home to city centre, watching it


Zakopane. For years we’ve been coming here at least 2-3 times a year. Sometimes it’s an unhealthy fascination since Zakopane can be irritating – with poor gastronomy, omnipresent stands with Chinese rubbish, huge banners on ul. Krupówki, food sold ‘PLN 3.5 for 100 grams’. Despite that, we come back because we like moving away from


If I were to describe MOD with one word it would be originality. It’s a place that’s difficult to compare with any other, like all of the places where Hamid Trisno used to cook. We already tried his unusual, often crazy style of cooking in Yellow Dog in Cracow or in My’o’Tai on ul. Szpitalna.


Barcelona… A dream, right? There must be many among you who assume that living in Barcelona is lighter and easier. Spain. A country which brings positive associations for most of us. Because it’s sunny, because the beaches on Costa Brava or Costa de la Luz run for kilometres, because the weather is always perfect. Because


Barcelona. It never was my favourite Spanish city but it still makes me smile wherever I come here. I don’t breathe here, I ingest. I don’t walk, I hover a few metres over ground enjoying the scent of the air, Spanish meals, the language which surrounds me, the walks by Barceloneta. Spain will always be