Did your parents tell you to learn languages since you were little? Some extra English classes? A language school? Spanish, French, German or Italian? Did you go through exams, heavy vocab learning and trying to understand what does past perfect really mean? How does it look today? Did the hours spent on books translate into


Last week was madness… Constant changes of locations, unexpected adventures and turns of events, visiting home for just a few hours to repack the suitcases and continue the trip. Barcelona, Spanish tapas, stolen bikes, police, late plane and the return on Thursday night. 12 hours at home and here we go to attend See Bloggers.


When it comes to museums, sights and must sees in Paris, you won’t learn anything new from this entry. I won’t show you the hidden paths in less popular districts, I won’t even give you a list of restaurants worth visiting. I know there’s plenty of places where you will find such information but I’m


Destination set. Plane tickets? Check! Bought at the best possible price. The company? Check! Time to go and enjoy the holiday! But WAIT: the accommodation! Booked something? It may not seem a difficult job but the problems often start here. How to find something that will live up to your expectations without draining your wallet?


Lisbon… It’s one of those places I love to return to, a place where time goes the other way and I magically move to the wild times when I visited the place on a short trip to Basque Country during my Erasmus student exchange… Or to the sunny December when Maks ‘went’ on his first


Paris. One of the cities everybody ends up in at some point. Everybody has its own expectations regarding Paris and their own memories. Different, since it’s a city of thousand faces. For me, Paris is the city where I first got about 7 years ago on my way to a surfing trip in Basque Country


I got back from Poznań at night. A short business trip, 12 hours, all done in a hurry and we haven’t seen much apart from a part of ul. Półwiejska and familiar red brick of Old Brewery. But even though we only had 20 minutes x 2 to eat, we managed to eat something tasty