There are places worth travelling to even a few hundred kilometres, only to pay a short visit and eat lunch or dinner. We know plenty of such places… Places, we love to return to, where we can always count on best food, places, we always leave amazed, places, we miss.

Le Chalet in Murzasichle is definitely one of those places. I already wrote about it a few months ago, but I’m going to write once again, since WE LOVE THEIR FOOD.

When we were planning our trip to Cracow, Łukasz casually mentioned Le Chalet in Murzasichle as a possible lunch or dinner spot. After he’s made this innocent mention, I kept bullying him about it and loudly wondering what will I eat there and if they would have my beloved tortelli di erbetta (stuffed with ricotta, parmesan, spinach and salvia), which have been on my mind since April. I haven’t found them served this way and as tasty anywhere else. I admit, I already started going through their menu on Friday evening! I rarely prepare for Saturday’s lunch that early. 🙂

Therefore, on Saturday we left for a walk in Zakopane and lunch in Le Chalet. On November’s Saturday morning, Murzasichle looked sleepy and deserted, but we kept on going since we knew that Le Chalet is open on weekends. A tiny room, friendly Italian vibe. How great to be back!


Crodino, Sanbitter, alcohol-free aperitif, Le Chalet, Murzasichle

traditional Italian alcohol-free aperitifs: Crodino and Sanbitter


We go through the menu once again, even though I might know it by heart already. Simplicity and tradition are the keywords in the starter section – cheese and cold cuts boards, Caprese Campana, Nido di Bufala – mozzarella di bufala with Parma ham and rucola. Sounds simple, but believe me, this simple meal tastes delicious as the owners of Le Chalet pay a lot of attention to the ingredients and bring a most of them directly from Italy, where they personally speak with the producers and choose what’s best. This time however, we’re more into Speck e Gorgonzola pizza (PLN 36) than into antipasti and that’s what we get first.

It’s so delicious… generous amount of smoked speck, pleasant gorgonzola flavour and very thin, typical Italian dough! This is the kind of pizza you eat somewhere in little towns in Tuscany or in Naples, now you can also try it in Murzasichle. As we eat it, the owners come and ask how is it and if the dough is good. – Recently we found a new flour supplier and we think that it’s better now! They say. If someone pays that much attention to things like flour, you know, you won’t be disappointed!

After pizza, it’s time for the most important meals – the pastas! Some classics to choose from: puttanesca, aglio olio & peperoncino or tagliatelle al ragu, but also more intriguing ones that interest us much more. I decide to skip Tortelli di Erbetta (PLN 40) in favour of a new thing: Tortelli Mantovani (PLN 40) with pumpkin and parmesan. Łukasz goes for tagliatelle with sturgeon (PLN 45). I would also like to try spaghetti Cacio & Pepe with Pecorino cheese and freshly ground pepper (PLN 35) but I guess I’ll do it next time. Maks gets his all-time favourite – spaghetti al ragu.


tortelli mantovani, dynia, Le Chalet, Murzasichle, Italian cuisine

tortelli mantovani


tagliatelle con storione, sturgeon, Le Chalet, Murzasichle, Italian cuisine

tagliatelle con storione – with a sturgeon


What can I say about these tortelli?? That they’re HEAVENLY! Delicate pumpkin and parmesan filling already works great but beware: they sprinkle it with crumbs of almond amaretti! That makes them original and a little sweet in taste. Such combination makes it a little bit a savoury meal and a little bit a dessert. MAGIC!

Tagliatelle with sturgeon on the other hand, reminds us of the pastas we obsessively consumed in the South of Italy, in Gallipoli for instance, usually served with tomato sauce and fish (there, it was often pesce spada – swordfish). We hardly ever find this flavours in Poland, yet in Le Chalet our dreams come true. Spaghetti al ragu is a classic. No good chef from Italy can mess it up. 🙂

Stuffed and happy, we cannot skip the dessert. If you’re in Le Chalet and tiramisu is available, be sure to try it as it’s yet another perfect meal here! I decide to make one of my culinary fantasies come true – a pizza with nutella! Nothing special – just a pastry with nutella on top, but now I can check that on my list 🙂


tiramisu, Le Chalet, Murzasichle, Italian cuisine

a perfect tiramisu


pizza with nutella, Le Chalet, Italian cuisine, dessert, Murzasichle

for the gourmands


We just LOVE this place! I already started thinking of the next possible occasion on which we can come here. I may not make it for a few months without Le Chalet 😉


Practical Information:

Le Chalet

ul. Sądelska 86 b


tel. 18 208 43 82


opening hours: off season on weekends – call to make sure they’re open

menu is available here