Same as a burger last week, hummus and falafel are quite new to me. Same goes for eating lunch in a restaurant which labels itself as vegetarian and vegan. Not that I love meat so much, I definitely prefer all sorts of noodles (Italian, Vietnamese, Thai), fish (sushi!), pizza or dim sum dumplings. It’s because


A weekend trip. Time to pack up quickly. I pack us in a hurry since I’m so occupied: with work, projects, reports for the client, meetings, blog, an entry to write, mails to send, adaptation days at the kindergarten, drive him to the nursery, pick him up, clean the house, pack up, buy something for


  Like the Balkans, Balkan cuisine is far from homogenous. However, there are some positions on their menu that we found in more than one country we visited. On the other hand, we managed to try plenty of traditional, country-specific dishes as well. It’s impossible to try everything in just 2 weeks, therefore our personal


Albania. From all the countries we planned to visit during our trip, this one was the least familiar, furthest and least inviting. The poorest country in Europe that makes the impression that time has stopped here a few dozen years ago. For years, it was governed by the communist dictator Hoxha whose reign resulted with


We spent autumn of 2013 in Asia – Bangkok, Cambodia, Vietnam and then finally some careless chill out in one of Phuket’s amazing resorts. Careless morning with palms view, blue sky and turquoise water. A swimming pool for kids, Nutella and coconut jam waffles for breakfast, pad thai for lunch. Idyllic. A perfect moment to

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Our Montenegro trip is over. We’re already in Albania in a local resort called Durrës, which is built mostly from concrete. We left Montenegro after a few days with a sense of relief since it did not amaze us as Bosnia and Herzegovina did. Too crowded, too touristic, too expensive and with no culinary delights.


It’s been 3 days since we arrived in Montenegro. We got here on Friday, through rain, storms and incredible traffic jam. We’ve been to Dubrovnik before, which we haven’t seen because of the weather. It rained when we got there, it rained in the morning and in the afternoon. I’ll skip the fact that we

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You can’t go to Bosnia and Herzegovina and not see Sarajevo. This thought was running through our heads since the very beginning of our trip. It was one of the sure things on our quite spontaneous map, one of the must sees. Another place that does not connote to well.. How many times have we

Bosnia and Herzegovina

We’ve given quite a lot of thought to the plan of our trip after leaving Mostar. We had several ideas: Sarajevo, then Srebrenica and the bridge in Visegrad or skipping Sarajevo and going straight to Dubrovnik and Montenegro. Eventually, we chose an alternative: Sarajevo with a stop in a funnily called city of Jajce, which


Bosnia and Herzegovina… first things that come to your mind before coming here aren’t that pleasant: war, fratricidal wars, unease, Sarajevo, genocide. I don’t know about you, but for me, Bosnia never meant anything good. When I think about it now I get the feeling that it was in the early 90s when I started

Bosnia and Herzegovina