Holidays are coming to an end. On last weekend we found ourselves by the Polish seaside. We try to come here every year, at least for a moment since we prefer further destinations for longer trips. We prefer new places, new experiences, different cuisine, and guaranteed weather. But still, Polish sea has its own charm.


Ursa Maior was one of the first places we decided to visit on our trip to Bieszczady. The history of this local brewery seemed really interesting – we all love regional beers, don’t we?! And we all love what’s made with passion. We first encountered Ursa Maior beer 30 minutes after arrival in Carpatia Bieszczadzki Gościniec


The beginning of the 90s, a wooden mountain shelter somewhere in Bieszczady, with no electricity or any conveniences, covered in snow in the winter, always crowded with travelers hungry for a warm meal and a hot tea. Ewa, a teenager from Łowicz, dreaming of escaping from the little town and Robert, a 30-year old from


Bieszczady… didn’t it ever occur to you that it’s a thoroughly magical and mystical place? A romantic refuge from the world, a place that reminds me of new life and finding your place on earth? You must have heard stories about people who left their everyday lives and went to Bieszczady… or people who wanted

Max’s eyes

Warszawa Wschodnia by Mateusz Gessler… a trendy and popular place, a place where you ought to be. People told us that we have to go there more than once. But it was never on our way… Because Mińska is far, because it’s quite a journey, because other interesting places are much closer. We weren’t that


A guest from abroad. A foreigner or maybe a Pole-expat? Living in Spain, London, India or New York? Where to take him for lunch or dinner? Where to feed him in Warsaw? What to offer somebody who left Poland light years ago, when we want to tell him “Look where we are today! Look how


Hotel restaurants are quite specific establishments, usually much different than the ones operating individually. Other challenges, other problems. Because usually it’s hard to play on interior design if you’re a part of a larger whole. Because a hotel restaurants needs to respond to diverse likes of the hotel guests which often results in a bit

Child friendly

I’m pretty confident that we wouldn’t have ended up in Casa Pablo, if it wasn’t for my beloved Tapas Gastrobar. We read somewhere that the owners also run a Spanish restaurant called Casa Pablo but we have never been there before, nor were we planning to go. I guess it kind of slipped us that


Rhineland is amazing with its postcard-like cities, green vineyards and fantastic castles. To be honest, I didn’t expect it to be so beautiful! And there’s a lot of attractions for kids and their paRhinets alike.   As you already know, charming Rüdesheim lies by the Rhine. It’s perfectly situated in terms of communication – you


Are there any places you miss much more than others? Places that will always have a special place in your heart since you left part of your heart there? Spain is such a place in my case. A place, where I spent my student exchange, a place where my friends lived who I flew to