Crete – our favourite restaurants


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Great thing about Greek cuisine is the fact that everybody will find something for them in it. Meat, seafood, cheese, vegetables – you just can’t do better than that! We already told you what to try and now it’s time to see where we liked the Greek cuisine the most!

Crete has a lot to offer when it comes to gastronomy and the number of food-serving establishments. In places popular among the tourists there’s tonnes of restaurants and little joints, all of which serve mostly the same food. They try to stand out offering various “facilities” for tourists. It looks a bit funny when they boast about free WIFI, kids’ menu or a huge playroom located next to the place! Don’t be afraid about childrens’ alimentation on Crete – all tavernas, even the ones located at the far ends of the island by the wild beaches have pasta on the menu. Solo, with parmesan or tomato sauce. I don’t know about you, but I haven’t met a child that does not like noodles yet 😉

We tried to find some culinary gems among touristic places where touts tell you “Good Mmorning. Good price. Big shrimp”.

We didn’t have too much time, but we still managed to find something! 🙂




calamari, Crete, seafood, Plakias, Taverna Gio Ma

No need to tell you that I love it! 🙂


Taverna Gio Ma in Plakias is our absolute number one! we found it close to the end of our stay and even though it was located 30 km from our hotel, we managed to visit it 2 times. First, we got there after a whole day of travelling and beaching. We dropped by Plakias accidentally, looking for a beach suitable for Maks.. Plakias, located in the South of the island, is quite calm and much less crowded than the resorts in the North. The beach is quite ordinary (reportedly the one in nearby Souda is prettier), but the ice cream are great and there’s a lot of tavernas. It makes us hope that the food is going to be better than in places crowded with tourists. And we’re right! We pass a few restaurants and in the end we findTaverna Gio Ma with a view of the sea and rocks. It looks beautiful and quite homespun, there’s a large aquarium with lobsters, crabs and mussels and the food is delicious! Calamari are so good that we order two portions one night! Also, saganaki with shrimps, mussels or… stuffed courgette flowers that are delicate and simply amazing. An absolute must! href=””> Here’s. some more info about the restaurant.


Crete, restaurants, tawerna Gio Ma, Plakias

kolacja w pięknym otoczeniu




Raki Baraki, Rethymno, taverna, Greek cuisine, Crete

my personal favourie – hot feta cheese with caramelised fig


keftedes, Greek cuisine, Crete, Raki Baraki

keftedes in tomato sauce – delicious!


I guess that I likedRaki Baraki more than Łukasz because of the way the food was served that was a bit similar to Spanish tapas. Raki Baraki is located on one of the tiny and charming alleys in Rethymno just beside the fine-dining a href=””>Avli owned by the same guy.

Super-friendly staff, homespun atmosphere and a different approach to Greek cuisine. Stuffed aubergines, feta cheese with caramelised fig, aubergine pastes, anchovies. All served on wooden trays or wooden bowls. Designed to be eaten like Spanish tapas – take a bite here, nibble a little there. The vibe was great thanks to the alleys around – a perfect place for a romantic dinner for two… not with children though 🙂 There were some kids’ gadgets like a toy bee-car, so Maks was occupied.


Crete, taverna Raki Baraki, Rethymnon, Greek cuisine, where to eat on Crete

such places never cease to amaze us




Crete, Greek cuisine, Greek salad, Elafonisi, taverna Sunset

a classic



A place free of tourists, located off the beaten track and I can’t even find it online! These are the best places. An ordinary terrace, a family, a grandpa sitting here, grandma cooking in the kitchen. A place where you can eat the best salad, a delicious shashlik served with baked potatoes instead of frozen French fries. Simple stuff for dessert: fruits or yoghurt with honey. Simple, nothing fancy and so good! How to find it? From Elafonisi beach, drive towards Chryssoskalitissa Monastery until you’ll see a little parking lot under the trees, a shady terrace and a signpost with “Sunset” written on it.. There you’ll find homemade delicacies.




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see the difference? 🙂



This one here is a “COMPROMISE”. That’s how parents’ lives look like – compromises are sometimes necessary. Parents have found themselves a restaurant in the harbour, known for delicious seafood but they had to stick to this one since Mouragio “Maria” had a giant playroom! Actually there’s no restaurant inside, it’s just a huge playroom! That’s how you get new customers! Those aged 2,3 and 5! So, even though we planned on going elsewhere, Maks shouting his head off and the vision of us chasing him around the tables so he does not fall into the water, made us change our plans. It wasn’t perfect seafood but it wasn’t bad eaither.

So, if you ever visit Rhetymno with a plan to have a lunch without your child keeping you occupied/running away, check the place out 🙂 You will easily find it in the harbour, and if you do not, your child will! 🙂


Rethymno, Mouragio Maria, Taverna, Greek cuisine, playroom

children’s kingdom


Crete is surely one of the tastiest places we have recently visited! But remember to pay attention and watch out for touristic traps since the food may not be too tasty and it could still cost you some money…

PS1. I would really like to eat some calamari now!!!! 🙂

PS2. Do you know any decent Greek places in Warsaw? We would like to go somewhere if we feel the need 🙂 We used to have some favourites, but haven’t been anywhere Greek for a while 🙂