It’s been 4 days since we came to Germany. Middle Rhine also called Loreley Valley is amazing, even though the weather is not that perfect. We had 2 rainy days, but we didn’t let it defeat us and kept exploring! To do so, we used all available means of transportation: we sailed in a boat,


Germany – that’s where we’re going to spend this week. We got here early morning on Sunday and we have plans to explore the Middle Rhine and its attractions until Friday or Saturday. Germany… so close and yet so undervalued. Germany is still one of the not so sexy destinations. For most people it means


Even though we kind of liked the clouds and tiny rain on Saturday after amazing time spent in Hotel SPA Dr Ireny Eris in Krynica Zdrój, when the weather cleared up on Sunday, we decided to go and see the surroundings. Krynica is definitely a winter place, therefore we decided to see what is there


When I first read about Tapas Gastrobar, that was opening on ul. Grzybowska in Warsaw, I already knew I have to be there. I only wondered why is it opening in Hilton… I thought that it was going to be a part of the hotel and tapas have nothing in common with fancy hotels. I


What can I say, we like good hotels. We can sleep on a night train somewhere on a road to Armenia or in a room for PLN 40 somewhere in the Vietnamese mountains. We love Romek’s apartments for PLN 25 in Suwalszczyzna where the linen still feels like early 90s. But we also like some

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Travelling by car is definitely our favourite way of moving around and seeing new things. We love the independence a car gives us. We plan our trip on our own, we don’t need to stick to bus or train timetables. When we find something interesting we stop by for a while and change our plans


Summer, weekend, blue sky, temperature that’s safely oscillating around 26-28 degrees made us want to get out of Warsaw for the weekend. Not too far, pleasant, with friends who also have a child. We called a few places that we already knew, but all of them were fully booked until August or September. We already

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Czuła Buła… It only took a name to make me want to go there (Czuła Buła means a care bun in Polish). Then I checked the location: ul. Narbutta 16, near us. Not near enough to go there on foot, sit down and have breakfast – I haven’t lived to see that yet and I


Finding a hotel suitable both for the children and the parents is not an easy job. Especially if you’re thinking about a bit of luxury, cosy rooms and delicious food. I know it, went through it and heard my friends’ stories. We usually skip the children-friendly part since Maks is already an experienced traveller and

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We’ve been planning to go to Ale Wino on ul. Mokotowska 48 for a while. We heard it’s delicious there, that the food is quite original, that you can spend some time with your friends in cool atmosphere, drinking wine of course… Well, we finally managed to get there! A little backyard, wooden tables inside,