Well I’ve been on working on Łukasz taking me there for a while. Look, look, I told him showing him Instagram pics. Look at this and that! Look 800 likes! And so I worked and worked and finally persuaded him to go to MR PANCAKE down in Powiśle on ul. Solec 50.

Because I found them a while ago already. Still, not soon enough! I accidentally stumbled upon some amazing pancakes pictures on Facebook or Instagram. A whole pile of pancakes, a tower covered in chocolate, sprinkled with M&Ms or little chocolate stars with some whipped cream on top of it. Amazing! I didn’t expect to find such wonders in our own Warsaw, because I always thought it was something exclusive for American movies, bars and their menus. I’ve never been to States, but have seen enough movies :)!

But Łukasz wasn’t as eager to go as I was. From us two, I am the sweets person. And suddenly, on Sunday we spoke with our friends and I told them I want to go. They wanted to go too! Deal: late breakfast, summer vibe included!

We were a bit worried since MR PANCAKE is a youth-oriented place dedicated to pupils. I follow their Instagram, see who comments on their posts (sociological calling!), I see the questions about final exams etc. Well, whatever, we’ll go anyway there’s nothing bad in raising the age average!

It’s easy to find the place: a small garden with colourful tables, various stickers on the door. We like the one “it will get in your tits!” best. Yes, please! A tiny place, a few tables, casual style, more stickers on the walls panelled with some kind of plywood, loud music, hip-hop.

Mr Pancake, pancakes, american cuisine, Powiśle

the garden


Mr Pancake, pancakes, Powiśle, american cuisine

hope it “gets to my tits”

It’s still quite deserted at 11.30 am but there are already first pancake lovers both inside and outside. As I see it, it makes my mouth water! And yes, we raise the age average, but we don’t feel like dinosaurs either. We feel alright. We order lemonade – lots of lemon, lots of mint and the price – PLN 6! Yup, the prices are adjusted to the target which makes them cool for us too. Especially after yesterday when me and my friend had “lemonade” of a similar size with no mint and a slice of lemon for PLN 10 close by in A nuż widelec.

We go through the menu. They have Pancakes, Waffles, Burgers and Crepes. I already know that I will stick to #pornfood summer category, the one with the most ingredients. If you want to steal – go for millions, if you want t eat a pancake – have the biggest one! What does #pornfood summer mean? Check this out: pancakes with Oreo, M&Ms, marshmallow fluff, strawberries and whipped cream or with vanilla ice cream, strawberry mousse, Hershey’s syrup and whipped cream. The lighter versions include a plain yoghurt, fruits and maple syrup one or Nutella and fruits version. There is also one savoury pancake – bacon, fried eggs and maple syrup. Price for a pile of pancakes: PLN 12-20!

Same goes for waffles – a few sweet ones + one savoury. We keep it sweet though, only Łukasz stands out and orders a savoury crepe with smoked salmon, cheese and spinach. You can also choose the ingredients yourself and make your own pancake/waffle! There’s also a few types of crepes – grilled chicken, smoked salmon or a vegetarian one. Prices range from PLN 15-22. They also have burgers. Milkshakes and lemonades too! But it’s pancakes that rule here! Fortunately if you come here with someone who’s not such a sweets maniac as I am, he won’t have to sit here with you drinking water!

We place our order, drink our lemonade and wait. We wait for a while but it’s manageable. We came here with friends and had a chat so 15-20 minutes passed quite quick. Theoretically it’s long but practically MR PANCAKE has not much to do with a restaurant you can demand something from. It’s a completely different place: laid back, with loyal customers who have different approach to service than regular restaurant goers do. Remember about that if you go there.

Mr Pancake, pancakes, POwiśle, american cuisine

#pornfood summer ice cream, magic stars, nutella, Hershey’s syrup, whipped cream (PLN 20)


Mr Pancake, pancakes, POwiśle, american cuisine

for those who care about their weight more 🙂


Mr Pancake, pancakes, POwiśle, american cuisine, crepes

for those who care about their weight and don’t like sweets!

Everything we ordered is delicious! Heavily decorated pancakes which make most of us say “Can you really eat that?” are delicious. And it’s not that hard to devour them either. I skip some of the whipped cream, however I see people around, who eat the pancakes with every last drop of the whipped cream and then wash it down with a milkshake, also covered with whipped cream!

A perfect place for a breakfast that will keep you going for most of the day. Check it out this weekend! We will surely be back!

For me MR PANCAKE is a great success for one more reason: it’s a place for teenagers, but with food. Tasty, original and not too pricy. There’s not so many places like that, dedicated to teenagers. They can go to McDonald’s or KFC, sometimes to a burger joint – but a sandwich there often costs PLN 30-35! Now they can also go for pancakes. Even if the service isn’t perfect, even if you have to wait for a while, even if some products are missing from time to time (Oreo ice cream yesterday, booo!) the place still gets an A+ rate from us. One of a kind, best in its category.

What now? This weekend think about the message seen on the place’s door!!! 🙂

Mr Pancake, pancakes, POwiśle, american cuisine

says it all!



u. Solec 50

tel. 509 276 840

email: hello@mrpancake.pl

Mon – Sun. 10.00 – 22.00