Thai cuisine. If you’ve been reading us for a while than you know that it’s one of our favourites and Thailand is one of our most beloved destinations. It amazed us in Autumn 2012 when we saw not only steaming Bangkok , but also colourful and quite magical North and the heavenly islands in the

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Crete is one of the places where we expected some real culinary wonders. We dreamed of creamy feta cheese, ripe tomatoes, crispy calamares fritos (fried squid), saganaki with shrimps baked in tomato sauce, mussels in white wine or even simple Greek salad – the real, uncomplicated one, tasty and scented with summer. However, the food


Days on Crete pass slowly, but not as slowly as we would like them to pass.  After all , 7 days in one place is not that much, especially if you want to lie down for a while, spend some time on the beach, see some interesting places on the island and try local specialties.


Here we are! 3 days have passed faster than I thought! Much sunbathing, some travelling by car and… hunting for amazing beaches and Greek specialties. Contrary to popular belief it’s not that easy to find decent food here – I mean, Crete is a resort visited by millions and there is a tonne of food


Breakfasts in the city. A nice start of the day with a newspaper or with friends. In times “before Maks” or with little Maks that still did not leave his car seat, we used to go out for breakfasts on weekends quite often. Sometimes they lasted from 10 or 11 until lunch or dessert at

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Gofiarnia has been on my “to visit” list for about a year now. When I first heard about it I wanted to go there in that very moment since I love waffles with unconditional love and I guess that won’t change ever. But I didn’t get there last summer, and the desire to eat waffles


Well I’ve been on working on Łukasz taking me there for a while. Look, look, I told him showing him Instagram pics. Look at this and that! Look 800 likes! And so I worked and worked and finally persuaded him to go to MR PANCAKE down in Powiśle on ul. Solec 50. Because I found


My last weekend was terrible. I didn’t sleep enough, worked a lot and couldn’t take advantage of the beautiful weather. Finally on Sunday I managed to do something for me! One day of the weekend is something you cherish much more than regular two days. You finally get rid of your chores and find some

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South of Italy is one of our first shared memories. The airport in Rome, a rented car, a trip to Naples and then a little bit further to the most beautiful place I know. South of Italy tastes like cold limoncello eaten on the beach, mozzarella on lemon leaves and prosciutto bought in a nearby


June – a perfect month to plan your trip! There’s a good reason for the “Where are you going for vacation?” subject to come up every now and then during weekend walks, bike rips, hanging out on the playground and eating ice cream or having open air breakfasts. We search for the best offer, choose