It’s been almost a week since we got back from Caucasus. A week in Warsaw, full of nice meetings, riding a bike in heat and the car in traffic and pouring rain, full of work and catching up, full of Maks being happy that he got his toys, cars, jigsaw puzzles, playgrounds and little fun


Do you celebrate Mother’s Day? A quick call with best wishes, flowers, gifts or maybe an evening/afternoon spent together? We’re big fans of the latter idea and take our parents out for something delicious for most occasions such as Mother’s Day, Grandmother’s Day, name day, birth day etc. Sometimes the evening is accompanied by a


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Armenian cuisine. Even though we fell in love with Georgian cuisine and its flavours before, we didn’t expect much from Armenian cooking. In our guide, we read that Armenian cuisine includes dishes known from other world cuisines such as Georgian, Turkish and Greek. You can try dolmas, lahmacuns, Georgian khachapuris and khinkalis. Hummus and tabbouleh


Our Armenian trip is coming to an end. Unfortunately, since we really like it here and still haven’t seen everything we wanted. It’s not that bad though, since we’re going to spent 4 more days in our beloved Georgia where we plan to hang out in the wine region of Kachetia and maybe take a


Finally! After spending two days in Georgia’s capital and two more in Armenia’s capital, we decided to see the countryside! We’ve got quite a bit to drive, we’ll see if we manage to see everything we planned. Firstly, we decided to go and see the areas close to Yerevan that you can visit even if


What do you know about Armenia? How do you imagine it looks like? Poor and “third world” or similar to Poland? How does the capital of a country with only 3 million citizens look like, where the second biggest city (Gyumri) has just 150 thousand inhabitants? I guess that the opinions about Armenia vary, because


11.30 pm, Georgian time (and Armenian too)… We’re somewhere in Armenia, close to Georgian border. We just had an almost hour-long break for passport control… How did we get here and why did we choose the night train?  Yerevan. The capital of Armenia, our goal and starting point for further exploration of the country.. One


We’re here! 🙂 We’re already after our first day in Georgia. A day full of Georgian delicacies, wine, walks around Tbilisi and loooong talks since AGAIN, we met some friends in Georgia. I don’t know how it happens, this place must be magical somehow: last year it was an accidental meeting at the airport in


Thai. New. In Warsaw. I heard that in the beginning of April and surprisingly decided to give it a try. Why “surprisingly”? Because after we spent November in Asia we got a bit bored with Thai cooking and switched to Vietnamese from Toan Pho on ul. Chmielna, Four Seasons on ul. Wilcza or “close and