A child in a restaurant. A few months old crying little one or a loud few years old fellow who runs around and brings others close to a heart condition. Or maybe a charming babbling little one or an energetic, friendly 4-year old? Well, it depends on your approach… especially in a restaurant. A lot

At a resturant

Ellenborough Park is a place from a dream for everybody who likes a bit of luxury from time to time. And I believe that there are no people who do not want a bit of luxury from time to time. King size bed, fluffy nightgowns, big bathroom, aromatic cosmetics, beautiful area and amazing food. Idyllic. A

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As you already know, while we were in Zakopane, we decided to look for new places to eat… We focused on those that offered something at least theoretically different from the highlander’s inns that pop up like mushrooms. That’s why we visited Mała Szwajcaria (Little Switzerland) restaurant. We’ll write what we’ve eaten there and how


We heard it many times that there’s a famous Italian restaurant run by Italians in Murzasichle. That they serve amazing pizza, and pasta and make you feel like you’re in Italy. People were telling us this every now and then. “You have to go there, the food is delicious!”. When our Italy-loving friends who have

At a resturant

It’s gray and gloomy outside and therefore we decided to take you on a trip to a place that’s a bit magical… To the pudding kingdom in English Cotswolds region. Why is it magical? Because everything in Three Ways House Hotel  seems to have something to do with pudding, because the rooms look like taken


Easter is coming… Faster than I thought. Lately I realised that the time from Christmas has passed surprisingly quick. Suddenly snow has faded away along with long winter evenings, sun came back (even though it’s still definitely too cold for me), the sky is blue again, and the Easter bunnies, eggs, pussy willows, Easter cakes

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Georgia. One of our favourite discoveries from last year! A place that amazes with beautiful, often unspoiled landscapes, friendly people, the atmosphere, wine from Kakheti and delicious food with cheese, aubergines, tomatoes, pomegranate and walnuts being its main players. We spent a week in Georgia during last year’s long May weekend – we visited picturesque


British cuisine… people rarely have positive opinions about it. We however love fish’n’chips bought in a little booth, wrapped in a piece of paper or served in a little cardboard box. Roughly chopped French fries sprinkled with vinegar, crispy batter and (for Łukasz) some tatar sauce. It’s a must during a trip to London or


  We’re back today. Let’s get back to Great Britain, to Cotswolds to be specific, a picturesque area in the south-central England. In Cotswolds, we spent three days full of tasty food, magnificent views of English countryside, tasting, testing and watching. We were amazed with Daylesford Cookery School, fantastic Ellenborough Park, where we spent out