As we were brainstorming for an idea for a quick tasty Friday lunch, we though about Mamma Marietta, a tiny Italian restaurant on Wołoska St. It’s in our neighbourhood, but we haven’t been there since July!!! We decided that it’s been way too long and set off for lunch!

Mamma Marietta is definitely one of the smallest Warsaw restaurants, especially in winter when there are no tables outside. There are only 6 tables inside! As we come in around 3 pm, three of them are taken, two are booked. Phew, we got lucky… we got the last table!

Mamma Marietta offers a variety of fish and seafood courses and Friday is a perfect day for fish and seafood, so that’s what we’re having. However, I choose a bruschettine con gorgonzola e Parma (PLN 20) as a starter for a change… Sounds trivial – toast, a bit of gorgonzola, a slice of good Parma ham – but it’s absolutely delicious!!!! I have to make it at home as a snack for guests! But will it bed as delicious?? 🙂

pyszne na początek: bruschettine con gorgonzola e Parma / a delicious start: bruschettine con gorgonzola e Parma

a delicious start: bruschettine con gorgonzola e Parma

Łukasz goes with his traditional Friday set (he’s a lucky guy, he visits Mamma Marietta more often then me! :)): mussels in tomato sauce on white wine (PLN 40) and seafood linguine – with vongole mussels, shrimps and scallops (PLN 45). I cannot decide between ravioli con crudo e crema di formaggi – ravioli with cheese creme and ham, and gnocchi di marietta. Finally, I give in to my love for gnocchi – this time with shrimps, shrimp sauce, courgette and cherry tomatoes (PLN 35).

Everything is delicious and the background music and a glass of wine transfer us for a moment or two to the streets of an Italian town… Oh! I like it! And I miss it too, as it’s been almost 2 years since we were in Italy! It’s time to go back… especially that the nearest table is occupied by a couple discussing their journey to Venice 😉 As you can see, travel inspirations are everywhere!

gnocchi di Marietta

gnocchi di Marietta

linguine, seafood, owoce morza, Mamma Marietta, kuchnia włoska, Italian cuisine

linguine alle vongole for a true seafood-lover

Finally, it’s time for desert: traditional tiramisu is always great! I go with a chocolate mousse for a change, although it looks gorgeous, it’s not my favourite… the bottom is too soaked with orange liqueur and I don’t like the combination of chocolate and alcohol. Chocolate is good on its own. Alcohol is good with alcohol… 🙂

tiramisu, Italian desert, włoskie desery, Mamma Marietta

a classic tiramisu

Peppino - mus czekoladowy z likierem Cointreau i białą czekoladą / Peppino - chocolate mousse with Cointreau liqueur and white chocolate

Peppino – chocolate mousse with Cointreau liqueur and white chocolate

The desert wasn’t to my liking but I have a feeling that I’m going to remember the taste of bruschettine and gnocchi di Marietta for a long time… And I hope to return to Mamma Marietta sooner that after another half a year 😉 I recommend it at least for weekend lunch or dinner! 🙂

Practical info:

Mamma Marietta Ristorante Italiano

Wołoska 74A

tel: +48 22 880 00 71


Opening hours:

Monday – Sunday 12.00 pm – 10.00 pm