You know that we always complain when we hear somebody around telling us that the moment the child enters your life is the end of your travels. At least for 4 or 5 years until the baby becomes an experienced kindergarten pupil. Those who used to go for 2 week long tourist office organised trips

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We all know that friendships work best when friends have many things in common and similar interests. But can you loose a best friend over… a child? Tiny, lovely, charmless? 🙂 I’ve once heard one of my friends say: “Can you imagine how I’ve felt?? Completely redundant! Because ALL there were speaking about were children!

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Finally, we’re in a place with snow, everything is white, the streets are slippery and it sometimes snows so hard that snowflakes land on my face. I love it! It’s wintertime, finally, so it’s also the time to think about skis / snowboard – if you haven’t thought of them yet! 🙂 It’s true, until

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I simply adore Italian food! Pastas, pizzas, Italian cold cuts, cheeses… I could have a starter, or a desert always and anytime… I’ve never been bored with the local dishes during any of my trips to Italy, although, on the other hand, my longest visit lasted for mere 3 weeks. I’d love to go for


South Tyrol is very seductive. It tempts you with the gorgeous views, many skiing opportunities, its cuisine influenced by Italy and Alps. I must admit that every time I went skiing to Austria with my friends, I had dreamt of skiing in Italy because of the cuisine. And then I suspended these dreams because life


The first week of 2014 is almost over but we’re still thinking about the past year. Discoveries and disappointments. Mainly discoveries, as we didn’t experience many disappointments during our journeys – knock on wood. We like diverse spots, we’ve been amazed by many places, we’ve enjoyed many of them, we’re open to everything that’s around

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Saturday, Sunday, holiday… Family dinner, a meeting with friends, kids, walk. We’ve recently came to the conclusion that we still don’t know many spots for a family dinner, as we’re not always in the mood for sushi in Izumi Biały Kamień (and that’s where we usually go by ourselves, with grandparents, with friends who have

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