We wrote about the Thai restaurant  WHY THAI at Wiejska 13, near the Sejm (the Polish Parliament) a year ago… It was just after they’ve opened, the first stylish, elegant, marvellous Thai restaurant in Warsaw, perfect for a dinner for two, a meeting with friends, or for a business lunch. We’ve just returned from Thailand,

Dinner for two

If you are ready for Christmas, you’ve already bought your presents, cleaned your house, and you don’t have to participate in the preparation of Christmas supper, you could devote this last weekend to a short journey! Berlin is pretty close, it’s a nice trip, and you can choose a highway or a train. And what’s


Christmas is coming, we have plenty of work, no presents, no Christmas tree and our apartment needs cleaning. So, we’re completely unprepared… But we’re gradually getting it together, finalizing our professional tasks and slowly closing the subject of our Asian voyage – although we might come back to it several times in January. Today I’m


Cooking… is definitely not my thing, although I’d like to change it. Actually, I’d like to change it pretty often. Łukasz laughs at me because I’d like to do a million things, but WHEN??? However, I still want to do them and I believe that one day I will find the time, or maybe someone


Everyone who knows me, or at least reads the blog knows that I couldn’t imagine my life without sweets and chocolate. I deeply believe in something I’ve once heard while celebrating women’s day, or in some other lovely circumstances: it’s better to end your life with a chocolate in one hand and a glass of


We’ve been in Germany since Sunday and so far we drove quite a few kilometres, visited three cities and just reached the fourth one — Berlin. We saw Dresden, where we went for a walk around the city centre and visited Frauenkirche and Semperoper opera house, then Nuremberg with its picturesque small streets, Albrecht Dürer’s house and kids’


Here we are in Nuremberg! Just yesterday I told you about Dresden and how wonderful it was — well, here it’s even better! 🙂 We like everything: the city, the Christmas market and the special market dedicated to kids. So far, the thing we like least in Germany is the Internet connection, which is not


Christmas… to be honest, I don’t know many people who don’t like it and remain unmoved by its magic that has started to be visible in the streets a few weeks ago. OF course, sometimes we get annoyed with buying presents in crowded shopping centres and with shops that put up Christmas decorations and offers


Place: any city in Poland, Europe or anywhere else. A flat or a house. We’re leaving… There’s an empty yoghurt container on the table along with an empty water bottle or Coke can, a plate with unfinished breakfast, a frying pan with dried scrambled eggs, ketchup is on the table top while it should be