On Sunday I already mentioned that we managed to discover a new place to put on our list of magical places. It’s in Poland again. In the summer we rarely travel around the world because we love spontaneous weekend trips around Poland. Have a quick Friday, pack your things up, get Maks from the nursery


Two days ago I read an interesting post on the subject of excuses concerning travelling   on the blog Podróżniccy. We were reading and reading, and it was like we’d hear some people we know: I cannot take days off, I don’t have the time, I have so much to do, I don’t have the money,

Max’s eyes

It’s not the first time I’m writing about Kazimierz Dolny. I still love it for its calmness, walks, the possibility to get away from the big city in just 1.5 hours, numerous delicacies and the best hot and ice chocolate I have ever tried! I also wrote about Vincent’s before. Here for instance. But I’ll


From time to time we come across a new restaurant challenge: we have to choose a restaurant that satisfies the tastes and needs of many people of various ages, and various culinary preferences. We were in such a situation with Maks’s birthday party – how to choose a place that Maks likes, that has a


Hello from the seaside! 🙂 I know you haven’t heard from us lately but you know how it is. When we leave Maks at our parents’ we don’t seat in front of the monitor but try to enjoy our precious FREE time. Sea, beach, a book and a beer with juice, night trips and of

Dinner for two

Packing. Is it a challenge? When I think about packing, I think about by grandma – I remember that before every trip to sanatorium, she made a list of things to pack, she geared up clothes and other necessities for many days, crossing out positions one by one. I don’t use lists because sometimes I

Max’s eyes

Sunday. The weather is so-so, so we can’t go biking… we’ve slept a bit too long after a Saturday night out (Maks is at his Granny’s! Yeah!), so we have no plans, no schedule and no dinner. We can always find something for Mr. Maks, but what about us??!!?? And then Mamma Marietta came to