You all know that we love everything that’s different, exotic and oriental. Thai, Mexican, Chinese, Turkish and Indian cuisine. All depending on time, weather and mood. Last Saturday, due to awful weather and a need to recharge before Orange Warsaw Festival we decided to go for a colourful, tasty and nutritious Indian cuisine and completely


It’s one of my favourite cities and brings back joyous memories of the crowded and lively Gran Via, shopping in Spanish clothing giant – Inditex (shops such as Zara, Bershka or Stradivarius), a baguette with jamon serrano or patatas bravas eaten with my friends, delicious and perfect like nowhere else. Long walks and even longer


Georgia with a child. Again I heard stuff like: “You must be crazy!” (my friend), “Have you read about Georgia and thought about this trip?” (my mom), “Isn’t it dangerous out there?” (somebody)… We already visited Istanbul, Mexico, Thailand and lots of other, less exotic places, so why not go to Georgia? If we can’t


“Batuuumi, herbaciane pola Batumi”… you know this old song about tea plantations in Batumi? The plantations are quite neglected nowadays but Batumi still looks quite good… The Black Sea coast is a popular holiday destination for Georgians. During the long May weekend both Batumi and a nearby little city of Ureki were crowded. We stopped


Cuisine in Georgia? Delicious, served in abundance, quite simple and rather cheap. The portions are enormous, although not expensive, therefore after almost each lunch or dinner you’re left with a few pieces of khachapuri bread to take home with you. What is an absolute culinary must in Tbilisi, Batumi and the Caucasus Mountains? Well, there is


Hello there! Today we’re reporting from far away – from Tbilisi, Georgia. We already spent 5 days in Georgia, visited Kutaisi, highland Mestia and the coast of the Black Sea with Batumi that you may remember from the famous Polish song. What are our first impressions? Georgia is beautiful, khatchapuri is delicious but the roads