I could write many pages about Spain, talk about it for hours, tell stories and reminiscent… Spain means various memories, various flavours, various places. Spain means Erasmus, 1 euro sangria, kalimotxo (for those who have never tried it: red wine + coca cola), tortilla de patatas and churros con chocolate on a Sunday morning in the old town of


I already wrote about Dubai and now it’s time to tell you what to do when you get tired of the glass skyscrapers, taxis, fancy restaurants and luxurious hotels. Our stay in Dubai was quite short so we didn’t even consider renting a car and searched for an organised trip instead. The plan was to

Max’s eyes

So here we are in Dubai. It’s full of skyscrapers of all kinds, shapes and sizes, amazing cars, Muslim women dressed in black and men dressed in white. Beaches, sun, hot weather and omnipresent pressure to look trendy – it’s all in the seaside district of Marina. There’s even more – palm islands, highest buildings

Max’s eyes