Have you already started planning a trip to the “Tatar country” that I recently wrote about? If so, then treat this post as a quick guide… If not, I’ll try to convince you through your stomachs 🙂 Let me invite you to a Tatar lunch, dinner and obviously the dessert… You know that something sweet


Do you sometimes wish you could get away from alarm clocks, ringing telephones, e-mails and all that stuff? Is it even possible?… We managed to find a great place to unwind during last weekend. The place is called Kruszyniany and it’s a small town situated near Puszcza Knyszyńska, 50 km from Białystok and 3 km


If you’re not tired with this snowy winter yet and like fairytale-like landscapes, go and spend a weekend in Kazimierz Dolny. Covered in snow, it looks much more magical that during summer when it’s crowded with tourists and locals going for a walk. In winter it’s easier to calm down here, have a lazy walk

Dinner for two