Maks was the most excited about traveling by gondola in France. Every new mode of transport is an adventure for him, and a vision of living on a gondola or in a camper makes every trip a few times better. Or perhaps it was Łukasz who was even happier. He’s an unfulfilled sailor, who hasn’t sailed


I love French mornings. That moment when we go downstairs to eat breakfast in a charming hotel, somewhere in the forest above breathtaking Rocamadour, or when we’re on our way to the fair in Moissac and we decide to stop at a local boulangerie and eat croissants, chocolatines or our beloved gourmands with vanilla pudding


Katowice. I’m not gonna lie to you. I never liked this city. When I used to travel through Poland because of my job, Katowice was one of the places that I liked the least. I loved charming Torun, Trojmiasto with a magical old town, and Wroclaw, full of students. Cosy Olsztyn and Poznan’s colorful main


Japan. It’s been 3 weeks since we came back, but we still miss it. We miss the taste of its sushi, we miss that ritual when you sit down, put some matcha in your cup, pour hot water over it and wait for the best nigiri in the world. We miss onigiri sandwiches eaten on


Many different words have been said. They said nothing would ever be the same again. Or that we won’t like it at all, because having eaten sushi in Poland, Europe or in the USA, Japan may be a shock. You already know we liked it very much. We loved it, we got addicted to it,


If I were to pick a few words that would sum up our trip to Japan, sushi, ramen, udon, gyoza, shinkansen, tube and matcha would be some of them! Do you know matcha? Have you drank it? Have you eaten it? We discovered matcha in the summer of 2015 in Paris, when we were testing


Thailand. One of our favorite destinations, although we usually prefer places less obvious, less popular, less visited… But there’s something enduringly tempting and magnetising about Thailand, something addictive. The food, the views, the people… The climate that makes you want to come back after your first visit. It’s not the first time I’m writing about


Today is a special day 🙂 Maks is turning 5!!! It’s not much, but for a parent it’s always too much. He’s not an infant, he’s not a tot, not even a helpless 2 year old or a beginner prescholler anymore. He’s a 5 years old, pretty “grown-up” little man! 🙂 For us, the last

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Finally! After spending two days in Georgia’s capital and two more in Armenia’s capital, we decided to see the countryside! We’ve got quite a bit to drive, we’ll see if we manage to see everything we planned. Firstly, we decided to go and see the areas close to Yerevan that you can visit even if


Eat well in Zakopane. It used to be easy – oscypek, moskole, huge skewered meat grilled over fire, highland cuisine. I still remember when we took my cousin’s boyfriend to Zakopane 12 or 13 years ago. He’s Brazilian living in the USA. I don’t know what he liked more? Magical, snowy landscapes or food which