Think before you start moaning about Hell’s Kitchen!

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It’s been two episodes of Hell’s Kitchen, the third one is coming and the Internet is already full of hatred, criticism, and declarations that “I will never watch this pathetic show again”. People write that Amaro is not himself, that he ruined his image, that the contestants are mediocre, can’t do anything and even it

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15 mistakes restaurants make, that we never forgive

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A restaurant. Sometimes we get there accidentally, for a regular lunch, between two meetings, with friends from work, quick, cheap, near. Sometimes for chit-chat with your best friend or for a tasty dinner with some friends you haven’t seen for a while. With a kid during weekend. With a whole family aged 2-86 for a

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In the world of English puddings: The Pudding Club

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Tutti Fruitti& custard

It’s gray and gloomy outside and therefore we decided to take you on a trip to a place that’s a bit magical… To the pudding kingdom in English Cotswolds region. Why is it magical? Because everything in Three Ways House Hotel  seems to have something to do with pudding, because the rooms look like taken

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Culinary awakening of Ochota: Videlec

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Far Ochota, also called Rakowiec or Okęcie, formally known as Włochy district which never stopped surprising me… I have been living in this neighbourhood for the last 12 years…. That never stopped surprising me either! When I was a teenager, I “suffered” when I had to leave my beloved neighbourhood in Bielany by Kępa Potocka,

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Run away from Easter or run away for Easter?

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Easter is coming… Faster than I thought. Lately I realised that the time from Christmas has passed surprisingly quick. Suddenly snow has faded away along with long winter evenings, sun came back (even though it’s still definitely too cold for me), the sky is blue again, and the Easter bunnies, eggs, pussy willows, Easter cakes

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Have no time to be happy? Accept the challenge! :)

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Being happy… what does it even mean? Winning in Lotto, going on a dream vacation, getting married with the man you love, giving birth to a healthy child, meeting the love of your life, getting promoted, getting a pay rise, a new job? Such days are usually called “the happiest days of our lives!”… A

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Good food and good wine: try Mielżyński

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There we go! Wednesday! Some call it “a little Saturday! In times before Maks I often used to take advantage of this little Saturday, go out for a dinner, beer, party… or wine. Right now it’s hard to do it – working grandmas won’t take care of Maks in the middle of the week nor

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Warsaw: Georgian food in Gaumarjos restaurant

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Georgia. One of our favourite discoveries from last year! A place that amazes with beautiful, often unspoiled landscapes, friendly people, the atmosphere, wine from Kakheti and delicious food with cheese, aubergines, tomatoes, pomegranate and walnuts being its main players. We spent a week in Georgia during last year’s long May weekend – we visited picturesque

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British cuisine: not only English Breakfast and fish’n'chips

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British cuisine… people rarely have positive opinions about it. We however love fish’n’chips bought in a little booth, wrapped in a piece of paper or served in a little cardboard box. Roughly chopped French fries sprinkled with vinegar, crispy batter and (for Łukasz) some tatar sauce. It’s a must during a trip to London or

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Perfect for a night with friends: Sueño Cafe & Tapas Bar

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A new tapas bar. On ul. Oboźna. Everything that has something to do with tapas, automatically interests me, thanks to my everlasting love for Spain Anyone who spent more than a week or two during vacation in Spain knows what I’m talking about. Spanish flavours always remind me of the vibe of the country, crowded

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